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To make the transition to Electric Vehicle charging as easy as possible for our customers whilst offering the best EV charge points at the most competitive prices. Our team will guide you through the OZEV grant claim process and help you select the best EV charge point for your Electric vehicle.


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We cover the whole of North West installing EV charge points on Eligible Homes, Businesses and the Workplace under the OZEV grant scheme and from April 2022 this will be extended to cover those that have not been previously eligible.


Why choose us?


  • We don’t take your payment up front
  • We supply only the fastest and best value EV charge points on the market
  • We employ our own knowledgeable installers (no Sub contractors)
  • Quick installation turnaround (usually within 7 days of order)
  • Great aftercare service

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3 simple steps.

Start your electric journey here.

Step 1 – Contact.


Email or call Mulcahy EV to discuss your requirements and choose your EV charge point

Step 2 – Survey.


Complete our online eligibility check and provide your information

Step 3 – Installation.


Book an installation date and start charging your new Electric Vehicle




– Auto enable Smart charging- Auto Schedule to charge your car with low energy tariff, Low CO2 Emission or Renewable energy.


– Share your domestic charger with public/family/friends and set the KWH rate & time.


– Vehicle Integration- Connect your vehicle with monta to know the exact battery size and how much charge is needed to fully charge your car. 


– Supports Google Pay/Apple Pay/RFID/ Monta wallet/credit card/debit card payment option. 


– There is no fee to use the Monta EV Charging app and you can connect up to 3 domestic chargers without paying a subscription fee.




– End to End Payment Collection. 


– Setup KWH rate for different groups, Make charge points public/private mode or schedule it.


– Rely on Monta 24/7 web or phone support. 


– Reserve charge points when busy with our smart queue option. 


– Company sponsorship chargepoint function allows you to reimburse employees in real time for home charging.


– Share your charge points with public to attract new EV drivers via Monta and monetise your operation.


– Load Balancing support.

Our chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands

Claiming The OZEV Grant



Our smart chargers have been accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) meaning they have a 3 year warranty and qualify for the Home EV Charge Point Grant or the Workplace Charging Scheme Grant.


If eligible, you can reduce the cost of your Home charger installation by £350 and Workplace chargers by up to £14,000 from 1st April 2022. OZEV have also made more funding available for Residential landlords of up to £70,000 per year and upto £35,000 per year for commercial landlords towards the cost of EV Charge point installation.


Here’s a complete guide about what the grant is, how you can benefit from it and how to claim it. Jump ahead using the buttons below:


EV Charge point grant for Residential and Commercial Landlords


Workplace Charging Scheme


Ev Charge point grant for homes


Hotels & Small Accommodation Businesses

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